Path of large tornadic supercells - 3/12/2006

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Updated: 4/15/2006 to show extention into Michigan and possibly Lake Huron, and to make a small version that can be seen better.

The map shows paths of four different tornadic supercells from the March 12-13 outbreak. However, these are not all of the tornadic supercells. There was a morning/ early afternoon supercell that moved through the Kansas City metro area and across northern Kansas, and additional tornadic supercells in the evening across west central Missouri between Springfield and Kansas City, and into central Missouri.

This shows the storms from first echo to where the individual storm could not be tracked as an entity. The "width" displayed is when the storm was displaying supercell characteristics and show the width from the base of the hook to the top of the notch. The storm with the longest path began losing supercell characteristics in northern Indiana, but continued to be identified to the Jackson MI area. Although continuity was more difficult as it moved NE from near Jackson MI as it interacted with additional thunderstorms, there appeared to be some evidence of the storm until it moved offshore over Lake Huron.

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