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Sporadic-E FM FX logs: 2006, and before 2006
   (includes Meteor Scatter)
Some significant tropospheric ducting logs.
Map of all FM contacts including all methods.
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OK/TX Television Translator Information

Real-time monitor (experimental)

From The DXrobot
VHF Aurora:   Aurora status
144 MHz Es in N. America:   144 MHz Es in N. America:
144 MHz Es in Europe:   144 MHz Es in Europe:

Aids in identifying FM stations

Radio/TV Dials:
Michigan, Nebraska, Upper Midwest (IA, MI, MN, NE, ND, SD, WI, MB, ON), Kansas City
Mexico: Radiostationworld.com, Fred Contu, Mexican Gov't, CIRT, Corazon DX.
Program station lists:
Note: Some information on these sites may not be current
ESPN Radio affiliate list
AFR station list
K-Love station list
Air 1 station list
After Midnight station list
CSN radio network
Regional Network Station lists:
The House FM (Ponca City)
KLVV/Praise FM
KJIL: 99.1 FM translators, 105.7 FM translators
High Plains Public Radio
Bott Radio Network
RDS List
  queries: FM, AM, TV.
  Raw broadcast databases
  Broadcast license: actions, applications
Canadian Government databases
AM Log Book
The Canada/US AM Station Info Search Page

Propagation web sites

TV/FM Skip Log, 144 MHz propagation from dxworld.com
Ionosonde Data from Dyess AFB (text)
FM/TX DXing in Lexington KY (dxfm.com)
GoodDX (home of DXRobot; Netherlands)
    GoodDX filtered prop. reports for Es


English shortwave broadcasts schedules
WWW Shortwave Listening Guide (list current programs)
Shortwave Broadcasters' English Schedules (MARE)
FCC International Bureau
Shortwave stations
Hurricane Frequencies
NWS/USCG HF Maritime frequencies
NWS/USCG MF Maritime frequencies