Tropical Systems affecting Oklahoma

Atlantic Tropical Systems Affecting Oklahoma
Year Name Landfall Max. Intensity over Oklahoma Track
1900 #1 4 (125 kt), Galveston Island TX Tropical Storm (40 kt) S Grady County - Crescent
1902 #2 TS (60 kt), Corpus Christi TX Tropical Storm (35 kt) SE Atoka County - E of Stillwell
1915 #2 4 (105 kt) 1, Galveston Island TX Extratrop. depression (30 kt) skirts far southeastern McCurtain Co
1921 #1 2 (75 kt) 1, near or just W of Palacios TX Tropical Storm (35 kt) S of Atoka - Craig County
1931 #2 TS (45 kt), SW of Houma LA Trop. Depression (20 kt) S Sequoyah County - near Claremore
1940 #2 2 (70 kt) 1, near or between Sabine/Port Arthur TX and Cameron LA Trop. Depression (20 kt) NW McCurtain Co - LeFlore Co
1942 #1 1 (65 kt), near Port Bolivar; LaPorte Trop. Depression (20 kt) SE Pushmataha County
1947 #3 1 (70 kt), near or just SW of Galveston Trop. Depression (15 kt) Ryan - Chickasha
1947 #4 3 (80 kt) 1, E of Hopedale LA and New Orleans Extratrop. Depression (25 kt) NW Choctaw County - SE Sequoyah County
1955 #5 TS (40 kt), E of New Orleans LA Trop. Depression (30 kt) E Pittsburg County - E of Jay
1957 Bertha TS (60 kt), Holly Beach LA Trop. Depression (25 kt) southern Latimer Co
1959 Debra 1 (75 kt), near W end of Galveston Island Trop. Depression (30 kt) E Bryan County - Woodward County
1960 #1 TS (35 kt), Padre Island/ Corpus Christi TX Trop. Depression (15 kt) NE McCurtain County
1961 Carla 4 (125 kt), near Seadrift TX Extratrop. Depression (30 kt) W Johnston County
1968 Candy TS (60 kt), Port Aransas TX Trop. Depression (25 kt) NW Marshall Co - Wagoner Co
1970 Felice TS (60 kt), between Galveston and Port Arthur TX Trop. Depression (25 kt) S Love Co
1979Claudette TS (45 kt), Sabine TX Trop. Depression (15 kt) Boswell - E of Jay
1983 Alicia 3 (100 kt; 962 mb), between Freeport and Galveston near Hoskins TX Trop Depression (25 kt) NW Cotton County - near Woodward
1989 Chantal 1 (70 kt; 986 mb), High Island TX Trop Depression (20 kt) just SW of Lawton
Atlantic Tropical Systems near Oklahoma
Year Name Landfall Max. Intensity near Oklahoma Track
1905 #3 TS (45 kt), SW Vermilion Parish LA Trop. Depression (30 kt) WC Arkansas
1920 #2 2 (90 kt), SW of Dulac LA Trop. Depression (30 kt) NW Arkansas, East Central KS
1932 #2 4 (125 kt), Galveston Island; near Hitchcock Trop. Deperession (25 kt) NW Texas
1933 #4 TS (40 kt), near or just E of Matagorda TX Extratrop. Depression (30 kt) NE Texas
1937 #3 TS (50 kt), S of New Smyrna Beach FL Trop. Depression (25 kt) NW Arkansas
1938 #2 1 (65 kt), near Cameron LA Trop. Depression (20 kt) NE Texas
1943 #1 2 (75 kt) 1, between Gilchrist and Port Bolivar Trop. Depression (15 kt) S of Fort Worth TX
1955 Brenda TS (60 kt), E of New Orleans LA Trop. Depression (25 kt) SE of Dallas
1956 #1 TS (45 kt), S of Houma LA Trop. Depression (25 kt) West Central Arkansas
1985 Elena 3 (100 kt; 959 mb), Gulfport MS Trop. Depression (25 kt) WC/NW Arkansas - SW Missouri
1986 Bonnie 1 (75 kt; 990 mb), between Sea Rim State Park and High Island TX Trop. Depression (20 kt) SW/WC Arkansas
1988 Florence 1 (70 kt; 984 mb), SW of Pilot Town LA Trop. Depression (15 kt) NE Texas
1989 Jerry 1 (75 kt; 983 mb), Galverson Island SW of Galveston TX Trop Depression (15 kt) SW Arkansas
1995 Dean TS (40 kt; 999 mb), near Freeport TX Trop. Depression (20 kt) near Abilene TX
1998 Frances TS (45 kt; 990 mb), just N of Corpus Christi TX Trop. Depression (20 kt) near Dallas/Fort Worth TX metroplex

  • This list is derived from data from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) . It is derived as described below. This list is mainly for general information about where gulf coast hurricanes have struck, and may or may not be consistent with NHC data. For the best data on a particular hurricane, please go to the NHC.
  • 1 Category at landfall taken from "Trailer" information from the "Hurricane Best Track" database. There are occasional inconsistencies with this landfall category and the wind data taken as described below. These are footnoted. This difference may be due to change of intensity of the hurricane between the last 6-hourly observation and the landfall, or by a mis-transcription.
  • Landfall data and locations since 1986 taken from "Tropical Cyclone Reports" by the NHC. Landfall locations before 1986 taken from interpolation of 6-hourly coordinates from "Hurricane Best Track" data (which would smooth out any small-scale curves in the path, but should still give a good idea of general location of landfall). Before 1986, the last 6-hourly wind speed is used to estimate landfall conditions. Again, this may not be the most accurate, but should give a general idea of conditions.
  • Maximum intensity is taken from highest wind speed of the 6-hourly data in the "Hurdat" database.
  • Landfall coordinates are with respect to the center of circulation. The eye and hurricane force winds will be broader.