--- 1991 ---
Date Where Comments
R 3/21 Ardmore/ Madill/ ATOKA Dense Hail Fog, my first tornado. "Hail fog"
T 3/26 Alva/ Attica ks/ WICHITA KS Good storm killed by left split of tornadic storm to the south "Night Hoses"
T 4/ 2 ROFF Supercell "Symposium chase"
R 4/11 TEXOLA LP storm. PHOTO "NP Microstorm"
F 4/12 Ames/ Hillsdale/ POND CREEK Radar data taken. Family of 5 tornadoes. PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2 "Oh What A Classic!"
U 4/21 SEYMOUR TX Followed by crew from WKRC/Cincinnati. No moisture, no storms. "Hackeysack chase"
F 4/26 Billings/ Ceres/RED ROCK Radar data taken of large long-lived tornado. 286 mph winds measured. WOW!
S 5/ 4 ELMORE CITY/ Pernell Not much of a storm
S 5/11 EDMONSON TX/ Amarillo tx Supercell that apparently produced some "look-alikes." "Don't believe the hype"
W 5/15 Booker tx/ Canadian tx/ REYDON/ SayreRadar deployment on supercell with wall cloud. A storm we blew off produced the Laverne OK F3. Very close lightning at night.
R 5/16 CONWAY SPRINGS KS/ El Dorado ksRadar data taken on one tornado. 3 tornadoes seen. 1 torn filmed by IMAX film crew chasing with us. PHOTO
R 5/23 TURKEY TX Not much of a storm, but an intense nocturnal squall line follows us home.
U 5/26 WOODWARD/ Mooreland Radar data taken on tornado from HP storm. "Flying Saucer" PHOTO 1,PHOTO 2,PHOTO 3,PHOTO 4
R 5/30 WHEELER TX/ Shamrock tx Bust
S 6/ 1 VERNON TX Numerous gustnadoes, but otherwise not much exciting
R 6/13 WELLINGTON KS Bust. But we had fun with photography while waiting. "Look Frantic!"
R 10/24bowlegs/ WETUMKA Kept getting drawn farther east. "Sucker Day"
--- 1992 ---
Date Where Comments
U 3/ 8BUTLER/ putnam Wall cloud. "Butler didn't do it"
S 3/28lawton/ MARLOW
F 4/10CLINTON Bust
S 4/18HOLLIS/ El Dorado Radar deployment. Photogenic HP storm. PHOTO
U 5/10altus/ JESTER/ elk city
M 5/11KINGSTON/ bonham tx Brief glimpse of Kingston tornado from too far away. "Frustration!"
F 5/22SHARON/ vici Storm soundings taken. Small bow-echo storm. PHOTO "Light Ducting"
F 6/ 5slapout/ WILBURTON KS/ liberal ks
M 6/ 8KRESS TX/ lockney tx Brief tornado. Incompotent service station attendant. PHOTO
T 6/16minneapolis ks/ ROCK CITY KS Fun with geology. Cap holds
R 6/18kingfisher/ watonga/ EL RENO Intense gust front
F 6/19perry/ DODSON TX/ altus Close encounter with a gustnado
S 6/20VERNON TX/ seymour tx
S 6/27balko/ FRITCH TX Large, dynamic, multiple vortex F4. PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2
R 7/ 2FT.SCOTT KS/ miami/ vinita Full storm evolution from cumulus to severe, wall cloud
W 9/ 2purcell/ WAYNE/ pauls valley End of Purcell tornado's life
S 9/ 5GOLTRY/ chester Landspout
W 9/ 9THOMAS Supercell
U 9/20RINGLING/ petersburg Supercell with nice structure
W 10/ 7tribbey/ McCLOUD Linear mess on cold front. PHOTO "Fropa"
R 10/15FORT WORTH TX/ benbrook tx Brief tornado, photogenic wall cloud. PHOTO
S 10/31wetumka II/ HENRYETTA
--- 1993 ---
Date Where Comments
M 3/29Paducah tx/ CROWELL TX Close severe thunderstorm, golfball hail
T 4/13Bryson tx/ GRAHAM TX/ Throckmorton tx
S 4/24tulsa At work until too late. Sitting in Bristow during Catoosa F4.
F 5/ 7WELLINGTON TX Close wall cloud with intense rotation
S 5/ 8windthorst tx/ SCOTLAND TX Radar deployment. numerous wall clouds. one tornado. PHOTO
U 5/16Ringling/ TURNER FALLS Bust.
S 5/22SUBLETTE KS Severe thunderstorm, but a bit frustrating.
T 6/ 1GROOM TX Cap holds. Bust.
M 6/ 7watonga/ PONCA CITY
M 7/ 5edmond/ GRACEMONT/ anadarko
F 7/23lincoln ks/ BELOIT KS/ minneapolis ksWall cloud and very suspicious feature; downburst seen
S 9/18SHAMROCK TX Decent storm at sunset to the west
U 9/19parkland/ KENDRICK/ preston/ beggsClose encounter with wall cloud; brief tornado. PHOTO
T 10/12WESTOVER TX/ megargel tx Behind tornadic storm
F 10/15snyder/ JAKES A lot to eat.
--- 1994 ---
Date Where Comments
S 3/26CRESSON TX I should have stayed home at watched basketball.
M 4/25ANADARKO Blowing dust with dryline passage
T 4/26GAINESVILLE TX/ thackerville At work until too late for tornado
F 5/13CLARENDON TX Photogenic storm over canyons. "Cajun chase"
U 5/29GRAHAM TX/ possum kingdom lake tx
T 6/ 7VIOLA KS Bust. "Viola Bustola"
W 6/ 8SEILING/ perry Bust.
R 7/ 7norman/ NEWCASTLE Wall cloud
M 10/17weatherford/ GERONIMO Nice storm in Wichita Mountains
--- 1995 ---
Date Where Comments
U 2/26fort sill/ PINK Dryline moved east. Storm went up east of Norman.
S 4/ 8manhatten ks/ OGANA KS/ wamego ksLP storm with wall cloud
T 5/16jetmore ks/ HANSTON KS Series of 4 tornadoes. PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2
S 6/ 3CHILDRESS TX/ altus Wall cloud near childress. PHOTO
U 7/ 2PANHANDLE TX LP-ish storm with funnel cloud
--- 1996 ---
Date Where Comments
U 3/24SHERMAN TX Squall line
U 4/21graham tx/ SUNSET TX/ gainesville txToo high based until sunset at sunset. wall cloud at gainesville
S 5/25HEREFORD TX/ vega tx Tornadic storm but low ceilings and poor visibility and didn't see anything. Car problems "Bad transmission"
--- 1997 ---
Date Where Comments
F 4/ 4anadarko/ snyder/ HOG CREEK Linear mess. "Whale's Mouth"
R 5/ 1STECKER/ apache Good structure, then quick disintegration
W 5/ 7TONKAWA Wall cloud
R 6/12shamrock tx/ TWITTY TX Too late for the better show
F 6/13greenville tx/ CUMBY TX Rapid meso developments and occlusions. PHOTO
--- 1998 ---
Date Where Comments
T 4/14billings/ NINNEKAH/ alex Decent low-topped supercell, but misplayed
W 5/ 6HITCHCOCK Dissipation of another low-topped supercell
F 5/ 8MABELLE TX/ olney tx Decent storms but tail-end Charlie too far south
U 5/24buffalo/ WAKITA/ pond creek Four tornadoes. One up close and personal. One anticyclonic
S 6/13mustang/ OKLAHOMA CITY/ jonesDistant views of 3 tornadoes in the metro. "The Tux Can Wait"
W 6/17ASHLAND KS We found the middle of the cloud-less region of the dryline
R 6/18ALPERS/ wilson Supercell PHOTO
--- 1999 ---
Date Where Comments
4/21CYRIL/ pocasset Weakening storm that had been severe.
U 5/ 9VICI very close CG causing tree to spark during drive back
S 5/22STILLWATER Weakly severe thunderstorm. Surveyed 5/3 damage areas
F 6/18LAVERNE/ durham ~5 minute view of tornado in HP-ish storm. "BIG DOG" VIDEO FRAME CAPTURE
--- 2000 ---
Date Where Comments
T 3/ 7duke/LAWTON Linear mess. And all-you-can-eat pizza. "PIZZA BAR"
S 4/29floydada tx/ CLAIREMONT TX Severe thunderstorm.
U 4/30ELBERT TX Close view of multiple-vortex tornado genesis.
W 5/17GREAT SALT PLAINS LAKE Bust. But good photography opportunity. PHOTO
R 5/25CACHE Bust. Close encounter with buffalo herd in wildlife refuge.
F 5/26THROCKMORTON TXWeak tornado. "Fun" in HP core.
T 6/13BRISCOE TX Beautiful supercell. PHOTO
--- 2001 ---
Date Where Comments
S 5/ 5ROCKY/ Lone Wolf Blew off Cordell storm before a mesoscale accident tornado. PHOTO
U 5/ 6newcastle/ GOLDSBY Supercell with wall cloud. PHOTO
U 5/20HICKORY/ wardville An updraft with lowering while adjacent storm produces. PHOTO
S 5/26DOUGHERTY TX/ mcadoo tx Supercell and fun in hail core.
U 5/27CRESCENT Decent storm goes up, then dies.
M 5/28SUMMERFIELD TX Bust. "Funky Town"
T 5/29TURKEY TX Good HP supercell with lots of blowing dust and gustnadoes. Brown Out PHOTO
F 6/ 1NEWTON KS/ norwich ks Supercell that really tried. Numerous wall clouds, one good funnel. PHOTO 1, PHOTO 2
U 6/ 3WELLINGTON KS Right target area, but storm went up right before sunset.
W 6/13LOG CABIN CORNER Bust. PHOTO "Summer Certified"
R 6/14GRADY Linear mess.
--- 2002 ---
Date Where Comments
T 4/16NOCONA TX A storm that was organized temporarily
W 4/17LENORA A nice LP storm
M 5/ 6Marion/ ALDEN KS Two decent storms, hail fog
T 5/ 7KINGSDOWN KS Tornado
W 5/ 8NASH Junky storm
F 5/24EAKLY Not much organization
--- 2003 ---
Date Where Comments
M 3/17MARLOW Interesting looking storm, but no sustained low level rotation
W 4/30THOMAS Skinny LP
R 5/ 8MOORE The beginning of the south metro tornado
M 5/19ASPHALTUM Interesting looking storm
T 6/ 3FRIONA TX Supercell with raging inflow. 2 landspouts and some other tornado (all weak)
M 6/ 9FARNSWORTH TX Supercell (briefly), lightning photos
T 6/10Hinton/ COOPERTON Supercells (briefly) before linear mess
W 6/11MANGUM/ Blair Supercell development overhead, two attempts at tornado, surprise golfballs
S 6/21CLINTON Bust
--- 2004 ---
Date Where Comments
F 4/ 9EDMOND/ El Reno Cumulonimbus junkus
T 4/20SAPULPA/ Oneta Tornado
R 4/22OKEMAH/ Dewar Supercell
F 4/30GRADY/ Eastman messy HP supercell, but with incredible motion in my brief look at the area of action
W 5/12Attica/ HARPER KS At least 4 tornadoes. 3 strong. 1 in close proximity.
T 5/18PARK CITY KS No storms
W 5/26GARBER/ tonkawa Pre-tornadic phase, although tried to produce
S 5/29putnam/ geary/ CALUMET Two weak tornadoes and fairly close to rain-wrapped HP beast
R 6/10marshall/ WAVELAND IN Small supercell with RFD intrusion
R 7/ 1HAMMON/ anthon/ custer city Supercell
--- 2005 ---
Date Where Comments
U 4/10GOLDSBY/ norman Supercell
T 4/19PRAIRIE DOG TOWN Bust weatherwise. Nice photography in the Wichitas
M 4/25THACKERVILLE Supercell
U 5/ 8VELMA Junky storms
F 5/13GOREE TX Within a couple of miles of non-visible strong tornado from HP storm
W 5/18CHENEY KS Severe storms, but no persistent interesting structure
S 6/ 4CAMBRIDGE KS Too many storms. Severe, but not too interesting. Cut off by river over a road.
M 6/13WAURIKA LAKE/ Wichita Falls Brief funnel, and nice photo ops of rainbows and mammatus
--- 2006 ---
Date Where Comments
F 6/16CLAUDE TX Brief HP-leaning supercells
S 6/17MARLOW OK Messy storms.
--- 2007 ---
Date Where Comments
W 3/21Lincoln/ SPRAGUE NE Two supercells
W 3/28SAMNORWOOD TX Supercell, small, brief tornado
S 4/21CHANNING/ Dumas TX Two tornadoes
M 4/23Buffalo OK/PROTECTION KS Four tornadoes
W 6/13CALUMET Marginally severe storm
M 6/18EAGLE CITY Bust. And discovering bad roads
--- 2008 ---
Date Where Comments
M 3/31 SILO Supercell
M 4/7 WICHITA FALLS TX/okarche Supercells
W 4/23 LEXINGTON/ etowah Supercell
R 4/24 KIOWA KS Bust weatherwise. Fun photography
R 5/1 OKLAHOMA CITY/harrah Supercell
T 5/6 OLTON TX Gorgeous LP supercell
R 5/22 DIGHTON KS Small, brief tornado
F 5/23 QUINTER/ Ellis KS Four (at least) tornadoes, include one large and one relatively close
S 5/24 PERRY Post-tornadic supercell. ("It's a long way from Hays to Hennessey")
M 5/26 GREENSBURG KS Supercell
--- 2009 ---
Date Where Comments
T 2/10 YUKON Supercells, but after the tornadoes
M 3/ 9 WATONGA Marginal supercell
S 4/25 Butler/ Carpenter/ CUSTER CITY Supercell, big hail
U 4/26 FREDERICK/ wmnwr Supercell
W 5/13 HENNESSEY Storm
F 5/22 HAWK SPRINGS WY Supercell over nice landscape
U 5/24 HOT SPRINGS SD Marginally severe storm
F 6/12 NORMAN Nocturnal tornado
U 6/14 CONWAY TX Supercells
M 6/15 FOLLETT TX Picturesque supercells
M 8/19 WAYNOKA Supercell
--- 2010 ---
Date Where Comments
R 4/22 McLEAN TX Supercell
M 5/10 WAKITA Two tornadoes, one large multiple vortex.
U 5/16 LAKE HEFNER Supercell with giant hail
F 5/21 PANHANDLE/Groom TX Supercell
M 5/24 KISMET/Dodge City KS Supercells
T 5/25 MANTER KS/ Bartlett CO One nocturnal/distant tornado, picturesque storms
U 6/13 FARGO Supercell
S 6/19 JAMESTOWN KS Picturesque HP supercell
--- 2011 ---
Date Where Comments
F 4/8 MEDFORD Supercell, funnel
R 4/14 CROMWELL Supercell
U 4/24 WYNNEWOOD Severe storm
U 5/8 CYRIL Supercell
W 5/18 SOUTHARD bust, no storms
R 5/19 ANADARKO tornado in poor chase terrirory
S 5/21 VANOSS three tornadoes, but poor views
U 5/22 MUENSTER TX marginal supercell
M 5/23 BOONE supercell with funnels
T 5/24 EL RENO/McLOUD Two tornadoes, one large EF5, one small with intense rotational velocity
S 5/28 DOVER bust
M 5/30 ALMA NE cruddy storm
S 6/11 FOLLETT TX Tornado from very slow-moving supercell
U 6/19 BENKELMAN/McCOOK NE Three tornadoes
M 6/20 HAMPTON/STROMSBURG NE Three tornadoes
M 11/7 FORT COBB Two tornadoes, fall foliage
--- 2012 ---
Date Where Comments
U 5/27 SMITH CENTER KS thunderstorm
S 10/13APACHE thunderstorm
--- 2013 ---
Date Where Comments
F 4/26 CANUTE Impressive supercell
U 5/19 ARCADIA/ Carney Five tornadoes, 1 very large and likely violent,
M 5/20 PURCELL Weakening thunderstorms
W 5/29 DILL CITY Picturesque supercell
F 5/31 EL RENO One very large tornado. Nightmare drive
--- 2014 ---
Date Where Comments
U 4/13 Noble/ OVERBROOK Very picturesque supercell
F 6/27 goodwin ok/ DOZIER TX Marginal Supercells
Tornado count does not include gustnadoes, but does include landspouts


Rating Description Number (out of 209 chases)
5 One of the best chases. Tornado is observed on the order of minutes from a relatively close vantage point. 15 (7%)
4 Excellent chase. Tornado or impressive non-tornadic storm observed. This includes storms that did not produce a tornado but were very photogenic or educational. Also includes chases where tornadoes were observed that were relatively short-lived and/or seen from a distance. 47 (25%)
3 Good chase. Supercell or some other moderately interesting storm. 73 (35%)
2 Poor chase. Generic storm or storm (even severe) with no visible interesting features. 30 (14%)
1 Bust. Junky storm or shower. 20 (10%)
0 Complete Bust. Get out the sunscreen. 24 (11%)
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